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Changing things up for 2023...

photo by Lenny Harold for Drink Up The Music, Inc.

This is one of the dates that I used to look forward to whenever I'd watch a sci-fi movie or read some fantastical novel. Any of the years after 1999 were supposed to be filled with flying cars, teleportation, robot butlers, and technology beyond our imaginations. And while we have some of those things, while others are still burgeoning, future life has been mostly filled with more new and innovative ways to simply control the minds of people. Whether through a pandemic, terrorist attacks, inflation and recessions, horrible elections, continued racism, unjust legal systems and decisions...all of this has found a way to affect the way we think as a society. And while prescription drugs are continually created to help us cope, they in turn require our dependence on a a cyclical system of controlled mental despair. What's become our only solitude of perceived peace has been our embracing of social mediums.

Our attachment to our phones and computers as our source of human connection, information, creativity, dogma, and entertainment has literally made us slaves to a new way of thinking. In 2022, our identities have been lost by way of avatars, AI profile pics, and distorted-in-our-favor style postings. Our singular thoughts have become targets for cancellation and "group think" has become a requirement for social survival. Even writing this blog is probably grounds for me to walk through town to cheers of "Shame!"

So what do we do in a world where our resilience relies on being virtually, yes, virtually perfect? For me, as a staunch sci-fi lover and hopeful futurist, a paradigm shift is eminent. I've been silently threatening to remove myself from social media for years, but I've never been able to keep it up once I start. However, 2022, in a small way, has given me some insight to what life is like without the reliance of algorithms and what wonders can come from a "mute" feature. I released my latest album The Love Experiment as I normally would (using the DSPs), but also decided to revamp my website as a location to have listeners be able to directly purchase the album from me. This created a method to where I can visibly see who's truly supporting me without needing to pay for bogus streams and views. This allowed me to put actual faces to the fans.

I'd like to keep that going.

So, for 2023, not only will my music be accessible directly from my website, but my thoughts will be accessible here as well. You may get a blog like this, or you may get a short 120 character anecdote. You'll get pictures of intimate moments, or BTS footage from shows or videos, you'll get conversations between myself and my trusted friends...basically anything that you would normally see from me on the socials, you'll get here...FIRST. It doesn't mean I'll never post again on IG or Twitter. It just means that those mediums will solely be used for promoting music (as they were intended when I first got on). Here, you'll get to know me, from me, without the shadow-banning arm of an algorithm.

I'll be protecting my peace here. I'll be dismissing the facades and mirages that social media has tried to make me believe were my destiny. For those who are subscribed to my site, you'll be the first to start this journey with me. I do hope others join, but it's never going to be a requirement for you to enjoy the music. I believe this is just another way to get to know the man behind the music in an unencumbered way.

Here's to 2023, and a new way of thinking!

Much love,


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