In music, a “natural sign” brings a note, once sharp or flat, back to the right key. This is where A-natural has found himself within his musical journey: the right key. Searching for this foothold in his music, A-natural has covered many different areas of sound and life. With a new confidence and determination in sight, he’s continuing to spread his message of love, strength, and creativity throughout the world.


A singer, songwriter, and producer, born and raised in New Jersey, but cultivated in various places across the country, A-natural first learned of his love for music while growing up in studio sessions that his gospel/jazz singing mother and artist/producer father would bring him to. In the studio is where he would become a recording savant, learning the best ways to piece together a song from vocals and instruments to mixing and engineering. Later on, he strengthened his own voice by training in classical, jazz, and gospel fields throughout high school and college. 


Getting his first taste as an artist, A-natural released several gospel projects of his own, and even produced many more for other upcoming artists locally and abroad. This work garnered the attention of various entities such as Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men, Teddy Riley of BlackStreet, record labels such as Epic, Atlantic, and Def Jam, and even major artists such as Mack Wilds, B. Slade (formerly known as Tonex), and many more including placements on TV and in film. 


Most recently, A-natural’s heart has been consumed with reaching listeners and other creatives who may have felt that they were overlooked by an industry based in commercialism and copycats. His latest projects, The Chronicles of an Over-Ambitious Fat-Boy and the companion ep #COAOAFB2 have both been embraced by fans new and old and have allowed his message to be front and center on various stages along the east coast, as well as through striking visuals and music videos that enhanced the sound his fans have come to love. Hoping to bring even more into his creative fold, A-natural is currently at work on the third installment of the Chronicles series due later this year featuring some of the industry’s biggest producers; a life-long dream of A-natural’s finally come true. 


As he continues to reach more and more listeners, A-natural knows that there is still much work to be done. With new venues and ventures in play, he is looking to bring his brand of music and his message of love to the masses. A-natural is definitely in the right key of this epic song.

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